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Celebrate the beauty of autumn in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, enjoy the vineyards of North Carolina which grow every major type of grape in the world, and plan a hike on one of the many hiking trails in the state. North Carolina allows every kind of traveler to do his own thing. Explore its many attractions with the articles on Buzzle.

Beaches in North Carolina

North Carolina lies on the east coast of the US and is a popular seaside destination. Here's a look at some of the best beaches adorning its 300-mile coastline.

Best Places to Live in North Carolina

Are you planning on relocating with your family or retiring in North Carolina? Then here's an article that will give you information on various cities in the state...

North Carolina Vacation Spots

Endowed with natural beauty and several historical spots, North Carolina is a traveler's delight. If you are planning a vacation there, then read on to know where exactly you should go.

Fun Things to Do in North Carolina

If you are out on vacation, the only thing you want to remember it by is the fun things that you did. Here are a few suggestions of fun activities in North Carolina, just in case that happens to be your next vacation destination.

North Carolina Facts

Despite the name 'North Carolina', this state is located in the south-eastern United States! Here are some interesting facts about this state.

Belle Chere, the Beautiful Living Festival

Every summer in Asheville, NC, it isn't just the weather that's hot-there's an arts festival that's even hotter. Here's more on that...

The History of North Carolina's Badin Lake

Underwater towns, giant catfish, and a drowned airplane. All this and more can be found in North Carolina's Badin Lake.

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